CEOP Think U Know training - 31 January 2017

The Curriculum Innovation service is offering a half day CEOP session at The Innovation Centre, Little Germany. The session will demonstrate how young people are using technology. Some of the risks and the educational response that can empower pupils with the knowledge to keep safe.

As an example of good and outstanding practice OFSTED’s E Safety guidance for Inspectors recommends “One or more members of staff have a higher level of expertise.”

We only train cleared professionals who will directly deliver CEOP’s products and resources to children so therefore we request that delegates attending the training bring a signed, headed letter from their organisation. This letter should be from senior management at their organisation and state the delegate's role and length of employment with the organisation they are representing, the relevance of this training to their role and confirm that the organisation has undertaken necessary risk assessments to ensure that the delegate is suitable to work with children and young people.

In order to recover costs there is a charge of £25 per person for this training. 

To find out more and to book your place please click here.


Published: 17/01/2017
Audience: All school staff
Contact: Sarah Hawkins

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