The way Early Years Pupil Premium is processed in Bradford is changing

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We are pleased to announce that we are now able to access the list of families eligible for the Early Years Pupil Premium via up-to-date information from our colleagues in the Revenue and Benefits Team.

As a result, we will no longer require you to obtain eligibility checking details from the parents as you have done in the past.

This term we have checked the list of eligible families with 3 and 4 year olds we have been provided against the list of children accessing an early education in the Autumn Term.  A list of eligible EYPP children will be sent to each school / childcare provider via the Bradford Schools Online Dropbox this week based on the children attending last term.  You will automatically receive an email to alert you that the files is there for you to download.

Once you receive this file, please follow the steps below:

  • Save a copy of the file to your own system as it will automatically delete after 5 days once it has been opened.
  • Check that all the children on the file still attend your school / setting.
  • Check that all the children eligible for EYPP last term and still at your school / setting are still on the list.
  • If any children have left or there are any children missing who were eligible last term, please send us a list of the children (giving child’s name and date of birth) using the EYPP Folder in the BSO Postbox (as this is a secure way of exchanging personal data).

Once we have details of the children accessing an early education place this term we will cross check the list of eligible families again and send you a further list, which will show any additional eligible children who have joined this term.

If after you receive the 2nd list you feel there are eligible children who have not appeared on this list, this may be due to an error in matching the data (depending on the data provided by the parents when applying for the relevant benefit and registering for an early education place).  You can recheck their eligiblity using our on-line checker


Please then send us a list of those children once again via the EYPP Folder in the BSO Postbox.

The reason why we are doing this in 2 stages in this first term of having the list is so we can inform you much earlier than previously of eligible children so you can plan earlier how you will spend this additional targeted funding and evidence this to Ofsted when inspected.

If you do not receive a file this means we have not identified any children eligible in your school / setting, but once again if you do not think this is the case, please send a list of children you feel are eligible via EYPP Folder in the BSO Postbox.

If you have any questions / require any further information regarding this change, please contact Adrian Tolley on 01274 434419.  Please note Adrian is on leave from Monday 16th January until Monday 30th January but will respond to any queries you may have on his return.


Published: 11/01/2017
Audience: School Business Managers of Nursery & Primary Schools with Nursery Classes. Owners / Managers
Contact: Adele Baines

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