School Gate Parking Issues

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Schools that have school gate parking issues and require help to tackle this have two options which can be found below.

Option 1- Letters and leaflets could be requested to be sent out as a gentle reminder. 

Option 2- If the first option has already been tried or you feel that it will not address the problem you can refer the issue to the police. The police and council wardens will then run an enforcement campaign. 

For this level of support the school will be required to run a week of education with parents and pupils prior to the enforcement activity. This includes:

  • Letters and Leaflets 
  • Boards and banners - Banners will be tied to railings if possible and boards will be wrapped around the base of street lighting columns. These will be loaned to the school for the duration of the campaign. (They will be put up and taken down by police or council officers.)
  • Mini police officers- During the education week approximately 5 or 6 pupils will accompany the police officers and council wardens. They can wear mini police uniforms and they will be looking for instances of inconsiderate parking and mobile phone use as well as people not using seat belts and child seats etc. An adult from the school must be present and children will need to arrive at school early. 

If you would like organise an enforcement campaign or require further information please email Sgt Adrian Wright




Published: 03/01/2017
Audience: Primary Schools
Contact: Sgt. Adrian Wright

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