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Information about the recent Npower Feed in Tariff letter sent to schools.

Npower Feed In Tariff Reconciliation Letter

Some schools have recently contacted the Council's Environment  and Climate Change Unit about a letter they have received from Npower regards Feed In Tariff reconciliation.

A charge was applied nationally on all utility bills to cover the cost of the Government feed in tariffs for renewable energy similar to the climate change levy.  Npower has recently recalculated the historical charges. This equates to Npower giving you back 0.021p per kWh that you used in 2012/13 but charges an extra 0.01p per Kwh for the energy used in 2013/4.

The letter is just for information, so you do not need to do anything.  As a result you may receive a very small credit on your utility bill due to the recalculation.  

Example Npower Letter  


Published: 30/12/2016
Audience: Business Managers, Headteachers
Contact: Kate Smallwood

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