Just Enough Radicalisation Workshops

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Just Enough UK, work in partnership with Bradford Pathways to help prevent radicalisation and equip young people with important life skills.

Just Enough UK aims to support schools in addressing the current Prevent Duty.  We encourage tolerance and respect and provide children with the tools to challenge extremist arguments.

Our workshops look at the creation of global laws, feeling safe and secure in the UK, media manipulation and how passive activism is the best path for change.  We look at key figures such as Guy Fawkes, Malala and Martin Luther King.  We focus on community cohesion and developing a positive ethos that champions democratic values and human rights.

Everything is age-appropriate to explore this complex issue, by using storytelling, games and even some cavemen!  We contribute towards key criteria of the Prevent Duty, SMSC and British Values.  Every child will receive a certificate to write down their “class code”; and be inspired to make positive contributions in their classroom, their school and their community.

For these stand-alone sessions it will be £290 for four sessions and £200 for 2 sessions.

If you would like to book some sessions please email:  Bonney Cottrell -  bonney@justenoughuk.org


Published: 20/12/2016
Audience: All schools
Contact: Just Enough UK

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