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The Curriculum Innovation team provides a range of bespoke services in the field of digital video creation. Our staff of experienced film makers have worked with several schools & other organisations creating digital films of productions, assemblies and video case studies documenting best practice.

After filming we can provide you with the unedited footage or work with you to create a professional video of chosen length with appropriate titles and credits. This completed video can then be made available in a variety of formats including a high definition video file, DVD or uploaded to a streaming service. If required, we can host your video online with our Vimeo account and tailor the security settings to your needs, for example a video can be embedded on your website but protected by a password which you can then distribute to allow limited access to a chosen audience.

Video creation cost guide

Filming on location £320 per day (£300 for subscribers)
Editing including titles & credits £320 per day (£300 for subscribers)
Video hosting on Vimeo £10 per 30 minutes of film

Depending on the complexity of the project, editing time will vary but as a base guide we would expect to require at least 1½ to 2 times the amount of filming time to edit the footage and create a completed video of the event.

Please contact Ben Chalcraft on 01274 434824 or email with any
queries or for a quote.

Our team of consultants are nationally recognised for their work in utilising and creating short film and animations. We provide a range of staff CPD and pupil sessions with regard to the use and creation of short film and animation including use of green screen technology through our Learning with Learners provision. We can also deliver free Into Film training (see their CPD brochure



Published: 09/12/2016
Audience: All School Staff
Contact: Sarah Hawkins

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