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It is very important that all secondary schools check to see if they have any stores of 2,4 DNP. CLEAPSS has become aware that in some schools the chemical is not being stored correctly (i.e. in a secondary vessel containing water).

If the chemical has been stored correctly, in a secondary vessel containing water, there is no cause for concern. However, if the chemical has not been stored in a secondary vessel containing water it has to be presumed that it has dried out and it may be unstable. This issue is widely known and has been mentioned in the national media.

Please check your stores as soon as possible (today) and contact the CLEAPSS helpline if your are not completely sure that the chemical has been kept in the correct way. Please do not open or disturb the bottle prior to calling CLEAPSS.

The CLEAPSS guidance can be found here:

The helpline number is:

01895 251496

If you are unable to get through please contact Adam Varley, Occupational Safety Adviser on 07582 101298 or ring 01274 431007.


Published: 09/11/2016
Audience: All secondary head teachers, All Secondary Heads of Science, All Secondary Science Technicians
Contact: Adam Varley

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