Bradford Dragon Boat Festival returns 6 May 2017

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The Bradford Dragon Boat Festival is returning on Saturday 6 May 2017 at Roberts Park in Saltaire and your school could be a part of it!

Festival organisers are allowing  teams to comprise of a mixture of adults and secondary age pupils providing you  with a  fantastic opportunity  to shine a spotlight on your school, build on school pride and community spirit and help raise money for the Lord Mayors Charity Appeal.  You never might end up being Bradford's  next champions too! The trophy is currently on display in Bradford City Hall and was open for viewing to the public during the Summer holidays.  Your school name could be next to be engraved on it alongside 2016 winners West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue.  Are you up for racing against the Fire Service, Police, Army, Businesses, Community Groups and other schools to name a few?  Dragon Boat Festival Poster


Bradford Central PRU were.  They were one of 45 Teams that raced in 2016 and helped raise over £43,000 for the Appeal.  Here are the top 10 fund raisers.  Bradford Central PRU may not have won the Championship but when it came to fundraising they were amongst the best.  As you can see, PRU Crew raised a phenomenal amount and made it into the top 5.  Nicola Watts was amazing at organising fund raising events for her team.  Can your school raise more than them....or even beat the champion fundraisers Maggie's Slayers (Margaret McMillan staff) who raised a staggering £3,499.75? 



Maggie's Slayers


Council Team

This Girl Can


Council Team

Britannia Rules


Council Team



Private Company

PRU Crew



CDS Blazing Paddles



Fleet Raiders


Council Team

Stroke of Luck


Council Team

The Alpha Dragons


Private Company

Hakuna Matata





The Lord Mayor's Appeal this year is for YoungMinds.  A charity which helps children and young people (and their parents) find the right resources or support for issues related to mental health.   As you know, this is an illness that is often overlooked due to its 'invisible' nature but no matter how fit the body may appear to be, if the mind is suffering then the whole body suffers too.  By supporting the Lord Mayor and raising money for his appeal, you can help  make a difference to so many young people and their families/community.  The Festival 2016 had a positive impact on the wider community.  Not only did it increase physical activity of participants leading up to and during the Festival, but it also touched the lives (and minds) of so many others.  It impacted on people of all ages including the very young.  By including older children and young adults in the Teams next year, it should have a much wider impact.


Registration opens soon.  There is a very high demand for places which are likely to be snapped up immediately however if you are interested in participating and want to be  informed when registration opens then please email Razwana Mahmood.  Registration should be opening within the next week.


Published: 04/11/2016
Audience: Governors, Head, Deputy Head, Business Managers, Sport Teachers
Contact: Razwana Mahmood

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