Cognition and Learning Team Update: Pupil Referrals for Assessment/Advice

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Following the introduction of our new referral system, we would like to take this opportunity to remind schools about the criteria for Pupil Referrals. Please find below our letter detailing the referral criteria for Diagnostic Dyslexia Assessments and pupils at Ranges 3 and 4.

Dear SENCo,

We would like to thank you for the very positive response to our new referral system.   Since September, we have received over 200 individual pupil referrals as well a large number of requests for School SEN Support. 

We would like to remind you that referral requests for assessment and advice are only for pupils at Ranges 3 and 4 (please refer to our Range Guidance information on BSO).  For example:

  • Support with making appropriate provision, including observation in class or intervention group, for a pupil with an EHCP.
  • Further assessment of specific areas of learning for pupils with an EHCP with recommendations for provision and teaching.
  • Review of progress and attendance at annual and other review/transition meeting.
  • A full learning assessment and report for a pupil at range 3 on the pathway to an EHCP

Any piece of work with these pupils will involve a follow-up session after approximately 1 term to review progress and provision.

For pupils at Range 2, we provide a number of workshops for school staff in identifying and making provision for pupils with a range of Cognition and Learning needs. Our BSO page has a range of advice sheets and links to other websites and these should be used for these range 2 pupils. You can use the School Support Referral form to request support and advice regarding general SEN provision which should accommodate the needs of these pupils with less significant needs.

We will continue to provide diagnostic dyslexia assessments. However, given the large volume of requests for this and the significant amount of time that such an assessment takes, we will be prioritising pupils in Y5, Y6, Y10, and Y11 as these are key national testing and transitional stages in education. In addition, we are running the multi-sensory literacy course and a number of other workshops to meet the needs of pupils with dyslexia. We are also running a workshop on using the Dyslexia Portfolio as a screening tool. Please see our courses page on BSO for details and booking form.

If you have already made an individual pupil referral where the pupil does not meet the criteria outlined above, a specialist teacher will still contact you to discuss the referral and offer appropriate advice.

We will only be able to accept future referrals for pupils who meet the criteria above.

Kind Regards


Fiona Whitaker and Catherine Pass

Acting Heads for Cognition and Learning


Published: 03/11/2016
Audience: Sencos; Inclusion Managers, Heads, SEN Teaching Support Service
Contact: Fiona Whitaker

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