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Information regarding a half day course regarding Local Level Support Plans and EHC (Education, Health and Care) Needs Assessment requests.

After two years of successfully providing the SEN Mediation and Disagreement Resolution Service for the Special Educational Needs department at Bradford Metropolitan District Council; we, along with SEN Managers, have collectively identified regular difficulties with Local Level SEN Support Plans when demonstrating the Aspirations, Needs, Outcomes and Provision for children and young people with SEN; and also the demonstration of Local Level Intervention, Impact and Outcomes within Education, Health, Care (EHC) Needs Assessment requests.

This subsequently leads to a rejection to carry out an EHC Needs Assessment by the SEN Moderating Panel due to insufficient evidence to support the request.

As such, we have been asked to contact all learning establishments from Early Years to Post 16 institutions to notify you of the availability of a half day awareness course regarding Local Level Support Plans and EHC Needs Assessment requests by discussing our experiences from over 200 mediations nationally.

The course is a 4-hour event designed for SENCo’s and teachers; and covers the following topics-

  • Student Profiles
  • Local Level Support Plans: Assess- Plan- Do- Review
  • Notional Budget
  • Multi Agency requests for Assessment
  • What Makes a Good EHC Plan/ Support Plan
  • EHC Needs Assessment Request- Considerations for SENCo
  • Checklist of Information in an EHC Needs Assessment Request
  • Statutory Timescales
  • Disagreeing with the SEN Moderating Panels Decisions
  • Disagreeing with the EHC Needs Assessment Process or Drafting of a Plan
  • SEN Approved Code of Practice- The Critical Clauses
  • Q&A session

The outcome of the course is to:-

  • Reduce the time required by SENCo’s and teachers in preparing support plans and EHC Needs Assessment requests
  • Improve the quality of Local Level Support Plans and EHC Needs Assessment requests
  • Demonstrate the journey to a comprehensive EHC Needs Assessment request
  • Ensure Local Level Support Plans and EHC Needs Assessment requests are relevant to the SEN Moderating Panels criteria of considerations and;
  • Improve overall understanding of the SEN Approved Code of Practice relevant clauses, including how decisions can be appealed.

This course is bespoke for Bradford Council and is voluntary to uptake. The cost of the course is £149 + VAT per attendee including refreshments; and there will be a maximum of 12 attendees per course.

If you have any questions or wish to discuss up and coming courses, please contact Dominic Collis on the details below.


Dominic Collis MSoM FCMI

Collis Mediation Ltd

07715 958 290



Published: 26/10/2016
Audience: SENCo’s and Teachers
Contact: Jaspal Singh

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