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Bradford Birth to 19 Teaching School's Early Years Hub is launching a new and exciting programme of courses at St Edmund’s Nursery School and Children’s Centre.

Training courses

Cost: Schools and group settings: Courses cost £65 for a half day or £130 for a full day. 6 half day places can be booked for £300. These can be for one or more practitioners across one or more different courses. Childminders: Courses cost £40 for a half day or £80 for a full day.

Venue: St Edmund’s Nursery School, Washington Street, Girlington, Bradford BD8 9QW 

Teaching and Learning in Practice

Date: Saturday 15th October 09:30 to 12:30 (half day course)

Tutors: Lindsay Mihailovic and Andrea Layzell

Content: This course is designed to support inexperienced practitioners and newly registered childminders. Consider how your curriculum supports teaching and learning, how reflective pedagogy is an essential part of understanding what children are learning in your setting. Reflect on how planning for individual children and groups, thoughtful observations and assessment meets your obligations detailed in the Statutory Framework for the Early Years Foundation Stage.

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Nurturing Two Year Olds

Date: Tuesday 22nd November 09:00 to 3:00 pm (full day)

Tutors: Lindsay Mihailovic and Maryum Nazir

Content: Learn how to support two year olds to thrive in your setting, develop your understanding of how and why two year olds act like two year olds, optimise your environment to enhance their learning opportunities and meet their needs.

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How to promote British Values in a meaningful way with young children  

Date: Tuesday 17th January 09:15 to 12:15pm (half day)

Tutor: Anne-Marie Merifield

Content: All settings are required to promote British Values; but how can you do that in a way that supports children to develop their attitudes and understanding of the values and principles of your setting, their community and their peers? Consider what British Values means in the context of a rich and principled society.

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Using Video to Enhance Child and Peer to Peer Observations

Date: Saturday 18th February 09:30 to 12:30 (half day)

Tutor: Andrea Layzell

Content: Video can be used to great effect in your provision. This course will explore the barriers you may experience, how to support staff to use video well, to reflect on practice and to take an ethical approach to video. Consider how video can support your planning cycle, engage, inform and reassure parents.

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Working in Partnership with Children’s Centres

Date: Thursday 2nd March 2017  09:15 to 12:15 (half day)

Tutors: Kulbir Bura and Chris Rollings

Content: Developing partnership arrangements with children’s centres, including communication routes, referral processes for additional support for families and engaging in consultations.

Aimed at: Managers and leaders in the PVI/maintained sector.

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Developmental Movement

Date: Saturday 6th May (half day, times to be confirmed)

Tutors: Kate Banfield and Angela Sugden, from Visions of Childhood

Content: How early movement patterns impact on future development and learning, and how movement develops the structure of the brain. Understand the link between behaviour and movement.

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Using the Early Years Foundation Stage

Date: Tuesday 16th May morning 09:00 to 12:00 OR Tuesday 13th June afternoon 12:45 to 15:45

Tutor: Sarah Gordon

Content: An introduction to using the Early Years Foundation Stage, aimed at new/inexperienced practitioners or childminders. The course will explore the EYFS document, giving a clear understanding of the guidance and requirements that are within it.

Tuesday 16th May am - click here to book.

Tuesday 13th June pm - click here to book.

Phun with Phonics

Date: Tuesday 16th May afternoon 12:45 to 15:45 OR Tuesday 13th June morning 09:00 to 12:00

Tutor: Sarah Gordon

Content: The why, what, when, and how of Phonics. 
Lots of fun snappy and effective ways of teaching Phase One Phonics. 

Tuesday 16th May pm - click here to book.

Tuesday 13th June am - click here to book.

Where’s the Maths?

Date: Tuesday 11th July 09:30 to 12:30

Tutor: Lindsay Mihailovic

Content: The session is aimed at practitioners who lack confidence in their own ability in maths, and shows how resources in their environment can promote confidence and understanding of number.

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Andrea Layzell – Workforce Development Leader, Bradford Birth to 19 Teaching School Alliance

Anne-Marie Merifield – Executive Headteacher, St Edmund’s Nursery School & Children’s Centre

Kulbir Bura – Children’s Centre Services Leader, West Bradford Children’s Centre Cluster

Chris Rollings - Children's Centre Improvement Officer, Bradford Council

Lindsay Mihailovic – Head of School, St Edmund’s Nursery School and Children’s Centre

Maryum Nazir – Early Years Practitioner, St Edmund’s Nursery School and Children’s Centre

Sarah Gordon – Assistant Head of Initial Teacher Training, Bradford Birth to 19 SCITT

Kate Banfield and Angela Sugden – Visions of Childhood

Help to develop our professional development support:

A termly meeting of representatives from the private and voluntary sector helps to create and review our training offer, to ensure it meets the needs of the sector. To contribute, please contact andrea.layzell@stedmundsnscc.com.



Published: 07/10/2016
Audience: Leaders and managers, experienced practitioners, new or inexperienced practitioners
Contact: Andrea Layzell

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