Changes to Pupil Registration Regulations - Online Pro-forma

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Following the changes to the Pupil Registration Regulations on 1 Septemeber 2016 schools have been using the secure online proforma to inform the LA of pupils admitted or removed from roll.

There have been a few identified issues with the new pro-forma that we have addressed and resolved as you have brought them to our attention

Amending Records

If after submitting information online you recieve new information eg new school, new address etc you are able to amend the original record by clicking on 'View Existing'

CME Referrals


Checking the 'Yes' in this part of the proforma DOES NOT automatically generate a referral to the Education Social Work Service. You are still required to complete and submit a referral form.

You should make a CME referral if you are aware a child has moved to another Local Authority but a new school has not yet been identified.

You should make a CME referral if the whereabouts of the child and family are unknown and as a school you have carried out 'reasonable enquiries' to try establish their whereabouts.

For further information please contact the Education Social Work Service Tel 01274 439651 or email



Published: 06/10/2016
Audience: Headteachers, attendance officers, admiisons officers
Contact: Neil Hellewell

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