Educate Against Hate, Believe in Better Conference. 14 November 2016

To be completed by: Mon 31 Oct 2016

Time: -Mon 31 Oct 2016 | Venue:

The structure of the conference will include a key note speech from the Department for Education as well as workshops, which will enable people to gain a better understanding of the key issues that can impact on the cohesion of a school and a community.

The need for positive citizenship, community cohesion and measures to minimise the destructive influence of hate-based narratives has rarely been greater. We are aware of the role educationalists are being asked to play and would endorse education as a key tool in our efforts to build strong, resilient and tolerant communities. 

Much prejudice is based on misconceptions and insufficient communication between people with different backgrounds and outlooks. Our District is one of those where we need to work harder than most to generate the conditions where difference is accepted and the learning that can come from understanding difference is positively valued.


Our diversity offers us the opportunity to learn – whether it be through age, race, disability, religion, sexual orientation, gender, social  or economic position - the real perspectives of others. We have the local resources and capacity within the District to provide a range of learning opportunities to our students including the critical thinking skills necessary to process the vast array of media and propaganda on-line and also, the skills staff need to facilitate discussion around sometimes complex and controversial issues.




Prevent Co-ordinator


Published: 30/09/2016
Audience: Headteachers, Safeguarding leads,
Contact: Michael Churley

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