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At the start of this academic year Bradford Council upgraded the service it uses to extract core pupil data from school MIS systems.

Instead of the data being transferred to Bradford Council via an encrypted email, the new system automatically loads the data into the XVault database on a Bradford Council server.

This change has resulted in some new jobs added to school servers and are referred to as Sif jobs.  The Sif jobs were added via the Groupcal Xporter software that is already installed on school servers – please note that Bradford Council hasn’t directly accessed any school servers.

Schools should not notice anything different other than the new Sif jobs on their server.

If you have any queries regarding this change, please contact the IMT Data Team.


Published: 30/09/2016
Audience: All Headteachers, Senior Leadership Team, IT Managers, Business Managers
Contact: Jonny Trayer

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