Born in Bradford – The magical power of nature/The magical power of play

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Monday 17th October 2016 14.00pm to 16.00pm Margaret McMillan Tower

BiB Programme Manager, Dr Rosie McEachan, Rosie is a health psychologist by background, specialising in behaviour  change, the development of  interventions to improve  health, and applied research. Her talk will be on Air Pollution: The Magical Power of Nature

BiB work has shown that during pregnancy exposure to pollutants commonly found in the air, such as those from traffic, causes babies to be born at a lower birth weight, even where the pollution is at levels well below those allowed in current European Union (EU) air-quality rules. A low birth weight is serious because it is a predictor of other health problems in childhood and later life. Our work has also shown that having a local natural ‘green’ environment to walk in, such as parks and woods, has a beneficial effect for both mothers and children.

Dr Sally Barber, Principal Research Fellow, Sally's interests are physical activity for health, sedentary behaviour and childhood obesity prevention. Her main research focuses on understanding the determinants of physical activity in pre-school children, developing and evaluating  interventions to promote  childhood physical activity and  prevent childhood obesity. She will speak on early influences on physical activity and what this means later in life. Her talk will be on Physical Activity: The Magical Power of Play

We have designed and are testing new programmes to increase activity:
- Encouraging healthy eating and physical activity in pregnant women, new mums and their infants (this is called the HAPPY programme)
- Encouraging parents and their pre-school children to play outdoors and be active together (The Pre-schoolers in the Playground (PiP) programme)

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Published: 23/09/2016
Audience: Anyone who has an interest in children’s health and development within the local community in partic
Contact: Rachael Hammond

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