BASF Kids' Lab

To be completed by: Mon 31 Jul 2017

Time: -Mon 31 Jul 2017 | Venue:

The Kids' Lab is a free resource for pupils aged 8 – 11 where they can discover the secrets of chemistry by carrying out experiments for themselves in a real laboratory, developed just for them.

The BASF Kids' Lab, lets pupils have great fun investigating science in their everyday lives and learn that chemicals and inventions are not only exciting, but also useful. BASF offers schools/groups the opportunity to engage in the "Keep Cool" programme, where pupils are asked “How can we keep drinks cold for longer?”

Pupils carry out three experiments

  • Protecting from heat - looking at different materials that keep cold things cold
  • Cooling with electricity - using a Dynamo and a Peltier element marked with the shape of a star with a thermochromic varnish that changes colour as the temperature changes
  • Showing temperature with colour - Using “Insta Worms” to show colour change in cold and warm water

Our volunteer chemists eagerly await your school/group visit, so that they can help your class discover and learn more about science. See leaflet for more details.



Published: 20/09/2016
Audience: Head Teachers and Science Co-ordinators
Contact: Joanne Love

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