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Exploring with Puppets Supports Language Development


A recent article from www.daynurseries.co.uk highlights the effectiveness of using puppets in the early years to combat shyness and aid greater use of speech. The article goes on to explain that they can be used to “motivate and support children with difficulties in communication and interaction” as well as “bring story time to life and encourage the quietest of children to start talking”. 

A spokesperson for the Pre-school Learning Alliance said: “Exploring and playing with puppets supports children’s development, particularly their language and personal, social and emotional skills. Puppets encourage imaginative play and provide an opportunity for children to pretend to be someone or something else. This helps children to explore different ways of interacting and communicating with others.”




Introducing Early Talk Boost's Tizzy Glove Puppet Tiger


Early Talk Boost  (a targeted intervention for 3-4 year olds with language delay and developed by I CAN, the children’s communication charity) includes a glove puppet Tiger named Tizzy, who’s also a main character in the Jake and Tizzy story book series. The puppet is used in every session throughout the 9 week intervention, helping the children with; their listening and attention skills; to learn new words; build sentences and aid their social interaction.

The intervention itself is delivered three times per week during circle/story time by a trained early years practitioner to a group of up to eight children over a nine week period. It is supported by an initial training package and includes ten sets of the eight Jake & Tizzy story books which parents share with their child at home as part of reinforcing the language skills learned during the sessions.
 The books and puppet (as well as being an integral part of the intervention) are also available to purchase online separately.




Accessing Training


To find out more about how you can get Early Talk Boost for the children in your nursery and organise training, contact me, Raili Frost, on 0207 843 2515 or email earlytalkboost@ican.org.uk.
Alternatively, you can access training through one of our Licensed Tutors, who can often offer the training for less than I CAN. Locate your nearest one on our Licensee Map.







Raili Frost

 Early Talk Boost Team




Published: 19/09/2016
Audience: Professionals
Contact: Jaspal Singh

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