Changes to Pupil Registration Regulations - Admissions and Deletions

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Improving information in identifying children missing education.

Following the recent consultation on the amendments to the Pupil Registration Regulations. The amendments came into force on 1 September 2016.

These amendments will affect all non-standard transitions; this is whenever a child of compulsory school age leaves a school before completing the school’s final year. All schools (including independent schools) would be required to:

• inform their LA in every circumstance when they are about to delete a pupil’s name from the admission register;

• inform their LA of the pupil's destination school and home address if the pupil is moving to a new school (where they can reasonably obtain this information); and

• provide information to their LA when registering new pupils, including the pupil's address and previous school (again where they can reasonably obtain this information).

In addition, the proposed amendments will give LAs the discretion to require the same information on standard transitions, which occur when a pupil reaches the final year of that school.

There are two other proposed amendments relating to sections 8(1)(f)(iii) and 8(1)(h)(iii) of the Regulations which will require ’reasonable enquiries’ to track down a pupil’s whereabouts to be performed collaboratively between the school and LA, rather than separately.

How we will manage this?

We have designed a web based pro-forma which will be accessed via a secure log in on Bradford Schools Online.

The procedure is only required for pupils of statutory school age joining the school or leaving the school at Non-Standard Transition times

For a child being removed from the school roll.

The pro-forma will require you to provide:

  • Basic details of the child, name, DOB, UPN etc.
  • Details of the child’s current and new address (if known), parents names and contact details
  • The reason they have been removed from roll
  • Details of the new school if known

In the case of a missing child it will prompt you to make a Children Missing Education referral to the LA.

For a child being admitted

We will ask you to provide details of the child’s previous school – it will also ask if you have informed that school of the admission and received the child’s common transfer file.

A number of fields on the pro-forma will be mandatory and the form cannot be submitted without these fields being completed.

How to Access the Online Form

After logging into Bradford Schools Online

  • Click on ‘Maintenance Tools’
  • Click on ‘Pupil Registration’

You will then see this screen

  • Click on the appropriate Red or Green button and complete the form

For further Information contact – Tel 01274 439651

If you require a secure login, password and user name contact your school's Level One Administrator




Published: 08/09/2016
Audience: Headteachers, Attendance Officers, Administrators
Contact: Neil Hellewell

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