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Please download our September newsletter for information on training, support and events as we all go back to school.In particular our course Including children with Down syndrome - an introduction, on 23 September.

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Our first training session, Including children with Down syndrome -  an introduction, on Friday 23rd September, will give participants a good overview of what Down syndrome is, discuss society’s view of Down syndrome, detail the specific learning profile - strengths and weaknesses, health issues and briefly look at strategies to help develop all areas of learning and manage behaviour. Following this course many areas can be studied in depth through further  training courses covering number skills, time and money skills,  language development, signing, behaviour, sexuality relationships education and reading.  

All courses are detailed on our website   

Including children with Down syndrome - An Introduction 

Friday 23rd Sept 2016, 9.00 to 1.00pm (detailed above)

COST: £80 per professional/£20 per family  member.  Refreshments provided.   

Signing for children with Down syndrome 

Session 1— Friday, 30 September , 9.30 to 11.30am  

Covers why we use signing with children with Down  syndrome and the signs for manners, animals, food, family and  other people, and the alphabet. 

Session 2— Friday  7 October , 9.30 to 11.30am   

Covers signs for the home, school day, colours,  descriptions, time/days, questions and connective/link words.  Followed by a discussion on how behaviour can be addressed through introducing signing.

Both sessions will include practice of useful phrases and  familiar children’s songs.  A book “Signing and Down syndrome”, covering the signs in this course is available for £7   

COST: £80 per professional/£20 per family member for both sessions inclusive.   

ME, my body, my friends, my life 

Our 5 week sexuality relationships  education course starts Wednesday 5th October, 10am to 12,30pm, and is  relevant for parents and professionals living and working with children who have Down syndrome and other learning disabilities from aged 6 years.  This can be a subject that some people find very uncomfortable to approach yet it is vital for our children to understand the many areas  covered. Through fun activities the course helps overcome these fears. The course includes a set of resources, worksheets and  programme of delivery written by Wendy Uttley. Public and private conversation, actions, touch, places and body  parts, feelings, puberty, personal hygiene, safety in the community,  social boundaries and appropriate greetings. 


Published: 02/09/2016
Audience: all staff working with children and young people who have Down syndrome
Contact: Wendy Uttley

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