The Nurture Group Network Yorkshire Regional Conference 2016

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It is more than 40 years since educational psychologist Marjorie Boxall decided something had to be done about the huge number of children being put forward for special schools, in the Inner London Borough of Hackney.

She understood that these children were not ‘maladjusted’ or ‘educationally subnormal’, but had simply not had adequate emotional and social support from their earliest months to be able to deal with the demands of school life.
And so nurture groups were born.
Since then thousands of children have benefited from spending time in small part-time groups in their schools and being given the experiences they missed in their early lives.
The Boxall Profile now underpins everything that nurture groups can achieve and groups are being set up in primary and secondary schools, in special schools and units in the UK and throughout the world.
Come and learn why they are achieving such acclaim from teachers, parents, pupils, educationalists and others.
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Published: 04/08/2016
Audience: nurture staff, education staff, health staff, social workers, police, family support workers and all
Contact: Gillian Fewins

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