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There is a statutory duty on schools and further education providers to publish information about their individual local offer.

As you are located within Bradford local authority area or we currently place a child or young person with you, Bradford MDC is required to include a link to your schools local offer information within Bradford’s Local Offer website. 

School Local Offers (SEN Information Reports) that are already published on Bradford’s Local Offer website are published here: click here

The Local Offer has monitored all the Schools Local Offers currently published on the Local Offer website and we have incorrect links for the listed schools below:

  • Byron Primary School: This school says “If you require a Statuary Policy we can provide one on request” on its website-
  • Glenaire Primary School: Keeps going to the home page when I click the link to get to the Policies on the Parents tab at the top.!parents/ccmz

We ask that each provider informs the Local Offer Officer of any location web address link changes, websites updates, or changes to document address that are already published on the Local Offer website asap. Please ensure your Schools Local Offer web links are correct and update asap. PDF Versions of the Schools Local Offer or web page movements cannot be updated unless the school lets us know-this is why your schools Local Offer are better placed directly on the schools website. PDF versions are not very effective in mobile format for users.

School Local Offer Links and updates should be sent to


Published: 14/07/2016
Audience: Schools
Contact: Local Offer

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