The New Bradford Agreed Syllabus for RE

To be completed by: Thu 16 Jun 2016

Time: -Thu 16 Jun 2016 | Venue:

RE subject leads will have the opportunity to look at the DRAFT syllabus for RE at the Summer RE network meetings on 14, 15 or 16 June from 13 30 -- 15 30 at Margaret McMillan Tower. This meeting will provide invaluable information for the new academic year.

The Bradford Agreed Syllabus Conference has been developing a new concept based syllabus which uses enquiry through 'big questions'. Each RE Network meeting  will give RE subject leaders the opportunity to see, and comment on, the direction of the new syllabus and to prepare for its implementation in September.

There will also be opportunity to be involved in the development of models for assessment and of teaching materials.

Booking is essential and should be made by e-mail to

If you require further information please contact Geraldine Cooper; e-mail or telephone 01274 439378.



Published: 03/06/2016
Audience: Headteachers, RE leaders
Contact: Geraldine Cooper

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