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Home Tuition is a statutory LA service for pupils who have health/medical issues that cause them to be absent from school for 15 days or more.

We are sharing the Home Tuition Service Contact Details again as some colleagues in schools are still using the old Future House phone number. Please will you check you have and are sharing the correct contact information with other professionals. These contact details are attached below:

In Bradford the Home Tuition service for pupil's with health needs, is run by TRACKS-Education, 21 Owlet Road, Shipley, BD18 2LU. Tel: 01274 582995. E-mail:

There is a clear and specific pathway for referrals details of which are shown below:

Home Tuition Pupil Referral Process

  • Pupil referral received from GP/School/School Nurse/CAMHS/Parents/School Refusal Team
  • Home School Team Call for reports and additional referral information from GP/School/School Nurse/CAMHS/ Parents/ School Refusal Team as appropriate
  • Pupil’s name is added to waiting list and a Home Tuition Teacher is allocated as soon as possible
  • HT Teachers liaise with and are supported by pupil’s school
  • Home Tuition Pupil Review
  • Pupils return to school  Or  Pupils return to another period of Home Tuition
  • Alternative Home Tuition Teacher maybe allocated if appropriate/required Or Pupils may be admitted to TRACKS School Or Pupils may enter full/part time further education, training or employment Or Pupil’s condition may deteriorate to a point where Home Tuition is no longer required.

If you would like any further information or advice, please contact TRACKS-Education on 01274 5829955 or E-mail:



Published: 25/05/2016
Audience: Headteachers, teachers, primary, secondary, Camhs, GPs, administrators
Contact: Lisa Barrans

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