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All schools will shortly be receiving a School Building Works Notification Letter informing them of their obligation to ensure that any works undertaken on the school estate is undertaken in a way that meets all applicable legislation.

Additionally, the Council has also a duty to maintain accurate records of its building stock and of any alteration works or changes to school buildings under Council control.

School Financial Regulations September 2015 state;

  • Governing Bodies must assess in advance, where relevant, the health and safety competence of contractors, taking account of Local Authority’s policies and procedures
  • Governing Body should seek the consent of the Local Authority to the proposed work.

Who Needs To Do What?

If the land or buildings are owned by the Council or the school has voluntary controlled status, then the Governing Body should seek the consent of the Council to the proposed work.

Academies using land or buildings that belong to the Council must notify the Council of the proposed work.

Voluntary Aided Schools (including VA Academies) must seek the permission of their relevant Diocese to undertake building work if over £2,000.

Church of England Schools need to apply for DBE and Trustee permission through the Diocesan Board of Education in accordance with the DBE measure. Forms can be downloaded from the Diocesan website.

Roman Catholic Schools should also seek the consent from the Diocesan Council for Education. When seeking permission schools can access advice on how to safely manage construction projects.

Whilst we are confident that the vast majority of works undertaken by schools do meet the required regulations and building standards, there have, however, been a number of incidents recently where this has not been the case.

What Action Do Schools Need To Take?

The School Building Work Notification Form requires completion and then returning to the above email address for each school project that is planned within this financial year.  Please also remember to include all relevant information when returning the form (i.e. electronic copies of drawings and specifications, planning and building regulation approvals and contact details for the Architect/Designer/Project Manager).

An electronic copy of the form can be downloaded from the Bradford Schools Online website: Bradford Schools Online/Site Contents/Buildings/Education Buildings/School Building Works Notification.

The intention of this process is not to obstruct schools in carrying out any planned works but to ensure that any schemes carried out comply with all appropriate regulations.

For Further Information and Advice Please Contact:

If you are unsure as to whether the works you are proposing need to be notified  or you require any assistance with the enclosed form, then please do not hesitate to contact Lee Anne Sagar on 01274 435326.



Published: 24/05/2016
Audience: Headteachers, Business Managers
Contact: Lee AnneSagar

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