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The Council is putting in place arrangements to manage the three children’s centre clusters in BD5, East Bradford and South Bradford.

Following a thorough procurement process for the contracts to manage these clusters, the Council has awarded the BD5 cluster to the charity Barnardo’s and the East Bradford Cluster to Action for Children Services Ltd. We are now working closely with both organisations to ensure there is a smooth transition of services. 

The Council did not receive a bid for Bradford South cluster that met the requirements that were set out in the tender. The Council is now putting in place arrangements to bring that cluster in-house so that we can continue to deliver the services families need.

Services are being delivered differently from sites across seven areas of the district. Each area contains a cluster of delivery sites and will:

  • Have a team of experienced staff to provide services
  • Take account of local community needs
  • Ensure that parents have a strong voice

Four of the seven areas are already in operation and the remaining three clusters will come into operation in August 2016. The seven clusters, the sites they contain and who runs them are as follows:

Keighley cluster
Run by Bradford Council, the Cluster is made up of five sites: Highfield, Low Fold, Treetops, Daisy Chain and Rainbow.

Lister Park cluster
Run by Midland Road Nursery School and Children's Centre, the cluster is made up of the following sites: Abbey Green; Farcliffe/Lilycroft; Frizinghall, Midland Road; and Heaton.

West Bradford cluster
Run by St Edmunds Nursery School and Children's Centre the cluster is made up of the following sites: Allerton; Crossley Hall; Thornton; Farnham/Grange; Lidget Green; Princeville; and St Edmunds.

Airedale and Wharfedale cluster
Run by Strong Close Nursery School and Children's Centre the cluster is made up of the following sites: Baildon; Little Lane (Ilkley); Menston & Burley; Owlet; Bingley Rural; Hirst Wood; Strong Close; and Trinity 5 Rise.

BD5 cluster
Will be run by charity Barnardo’s. The cluster contains the following sites:
Burnett Fields Children Centre; Canterbury Centre’s Children and Woodroyd Children’s Centre.

East Bradford cluster
Will be run by Action for Children Ltd. The cluster contains the following sites:
Barkerend Children’s Centre; Communityworks; Fagley Children’s Centre; Gateway Children’s Centre; Mortimer House Children’s Centre; Parkland Children’s Centre.

South Bradford cluster
Will be run by Bradford Council. The cluster contains the following sites:
Bierley Children’s Centre; Holme Wood Children’s Centre; Reevy Hill Children’s Centre; Tyersal Children’s Centre; Victoria Hall Children’s Centre; Woodside Children’s Centre; Wyke Children’s Centre

At some of these sites, children’s centre services are delivered on a part-time basis and so the sites have limited opening. These sites are:
Frizinghall; Thornton; Bingley Rural; Bingley Trinity 5 Rise; Menston and Burley;  Little lane Ilkley; Baildon; Haworth Treetops; and Victoria Hall

Services available
The early years offer is available to all families. This offer includes:

  • The Family Links antenatal programme: an 8 week course for pregnant women and their partners to prepare for the birth and parenthood
  • Introductory  children’s centre visits with breastfeeding support
  • A home safety visit at 3 – 4 months
  • Weaning advice
  • Early language development session (6 months of age)
  • Developmental movement and play session
  • Early language development session (18 months)
  • A development review at two-and-a-half years
  • Access to a free early education place in the term after their child’s third birthday
  • Free Book Start packs
  • Access to information through the Families Information Service

Further additional support will be available for families who qualify for it, such as two-year-old early education places.

Who can parents contact to find out about services?
More information is available at

Parents can contact the Families Information Service on 01274 437503 for help and advice on services available in their area.


Published: 20/05/2016
Audience: Everyone
Contact: Steve Hemming

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