STEM summer school at the University of Bradford

To be completed by: Wed 22 Jun 2016

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The Industrial Centre of Excellence Summer School at the University of Bradford is designed to help you move successfully from GCSE to A-levels or BTECS in STEM subjects. The course has a focus on the key skills found in scientific investigation and the math required to do this.

The programme is made up of 6 compulsory sessions each of a half day alongside which there will be a number of additional enrichment activities around STEM future learning and careers. At the heart of the programme is a project based on a chosen theme which requires at least 15 hours of self-study in addition to the learning and support provided through the University.

Each of the compulsory sessions will be run multiple times across the summer school period to allow for students who wish to take part but have other commitments during the summer.

This unique summer school experience will give practical tips, skills and hands-on experience across all STEM subjects including experimenting, research and project management. It will also help you explore the practical application of your GCSE STEM studies to the next steps in your journey. There will be support around GCSE results day to help you think about your choice of Year 12 and 13 courses and how they link to the STEM areas you enjoy.

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Launch – Tuesday 5 July

Graduation – Tuesday 30 August

Compulsory workshops will be run multiple times between these dates to allow attendance around family holiday dates etc.



£125 per pupil (including CREST registration fee). Fee can be paid by individual pupils or through schools. Please contact us for further information


How to apply

Please apply by email to:

Tel: 01274 232231

Applications can be submitted by individual pupils or by teachers. Group bookings can also be made by schools.



Published: 17/05/2016
Audience: Year 11 and 12 students
Contact: J. Smith-Harrison

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