Schools Out 2016!

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We are in the process of compiling this year’s School’s Out 2016 newspaper. We would like to make sure you are happy to take delivery during the first two weeks in July.

School’s Out is specially compiled to give information to children aged 5-11 years, detailing events and activities taking place in our district throughout the summer holidays. As well as fun days and play schemes there are interesting educational workshops and events at our libraries and museums. Some activities involve a small cost but on the whole we try to include as many free activities as possible, something that which we are sure is invaluable for most parents throughout the holidays.

We will deliver the newspapers in bundles of 30, in the hope this makes it easier for teachers to distribute. We have calculated how many bundles each school needs, rounding up where necessary. If for any reason you find you do not have enough newspapers delivered, please do not hesitate to contact Sacha Reynolds on T 01274 437112 or by email.


Published: 17/05/2016
Audience: All primary school headteachers
Contact: Sacha Reynolds

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