200 secondary students support major project and exhibition

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More than 200 students from eight secondary schools across the Bradford District are supporting a major project and exhibition which tackles prejudice based on the life and experiences of the young Jewish diarist, Anne Frank.


This will be the sixth visit of the Anne Frank [+ you} exhibition in Bradford where pupils have been trained as Anne Frank Ambassadors. They will guide school parties and visitors around the exhibition during April and May, sharing Anne’s experience as well as their own. The exhibition is supported by an educational workshops on the theme of Stand up, Speak out, Make a Difference (SUSOMAD).

‘Anne Frank + You’ examines the experiences of Anne Frank, and promotes understanding and tolerance today. The exhibition is presented in two parts – historical and contemporary. It presents the story of Anne Frank and her family, with a pictorial timeline charting the rise of Hitler, the Nazis and the subsequent Holocaust. A full-scale replica of the bedroom where Anne Frank hid from the Nazis for two years is displayed at the thought-provoking exhibition. The contemporary panels present issues of identity and moral choices in modern British society. The exhibition links Anne’s diary to human rights issues, looking at race, democracy, human rights and social justice. 

Diversity and Cohesion’s peer education training programme helps prepare students for their Ambassador roles at the exhibition.  The Ambassadors have had extensive training using the Anne Frank Trust ‘History for Today’ exhibition to develop their understanding of the historical context in which Anne was writing.  They have had the opportunity to develop skills in peer education presenting this, and contemporary workshops, to students from their own, and neighbouring, schools.

The exhibition takes place at Kala Sangam, St. Peter’s House in Bradford and is hosted by Bradford Council’s Children’s Services Diversity and Cohesion team.  Suitable for adults and children from age 10 upwards, the exhibition promotes British values and equality, challenges intolerance and extremism, contributes to spiritual, moral and cultural development and promotes positive relationships between people from different backgrounds and circumstances.

Michael Jameson, Strategic Director for Children's Services said:  “The Anne Frank story is an inspiration to us all and is a great opportunity for young people to visit the exhibition and see for themselves the importance of this story of respect for others”.

This year the Diversity and Cohesion service has developed the ‘Remembering Srebrenica’ exhibition which charts the disintegration of Yugoslavia and the events which led to the genocide of Bosnian Muslims. Secondary school pupils have used the exhibition to explore the causes and consequences of genocide in Srebrenica, Rwanda and Darfur and to identify the potential impact of contemporary events. The exhibition is supported by the charity ‘Remembering Srebrenica’ and all schools have received an education pack.  The “Remembering Srebrenica” exhibition and ambassador training is available to schools as part of the Stand Up Speak Out and Make a Difference programme.

Alina Khan, Head of Diversity and Cohesion said: “The project has evolved over eight years to address the issues that young people feel are most important to them. Each year we ask young people to choose what they want to stand up and speak about, after learning about the experiences of people like Anne Frank and Mala Yousefzai. Student ownership of issues like grooming and radicalisation has been overwhelming. Student voice is probably the most powerful tool a school has, and to see it being used so effectively to address issues that really matter to young people is having a really profound impact.”

Schools involved are: Ashbrow Primary (Huddersfield), Atlas Community Primary,  Beckfoot Upper Heaton Academy, Ben Rhydding Primary, Bingley Grammar, Bradford Grammar,  Dixons City Academy,  Dixons Kings Academy, Dixons Marchbank Primary Academy,  Eternal Light Secondary,  Farnham Primary,  Heaton Primary, Horton Park Primary,  Laisterdyke Leadership Academy, Lilycroft Primary,  Rainbow Primary, Sandal Primary, Sandy Lane Primary, Grange Technology College,  St Luke's CE Primary,  St Matthew's Catholic Primary, St Matthew's CE Primary, Tong High, Victoria Primary, Wilsden Primary

2016 marks the sixth visit of the national Anne Frank [+ YOU] exhibition in Bradford. 


Published: 10/05/2016
Audience: All
Contact: Fiona Binns

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