Helping socially, emotionally vulnerable children to reach their potential?

To be completed by: Thu 12 May 2016

Time: -Thu 12 May 2016 | Venue:

We are inviting head teachers/senior leaders of primary and secondary schools with nurture groups, plus heads of schools who are interested in nurture group development, to come along to our next nurture group network meeting.

To be held at Hollingwood Primary School on Friday 13 May 2016. 


Senior leaders of schools who currently have a quality mark nurture group will be contributing to the session and we do hope that as many of you as possible will be able to join our discussion as we seek to consider together best practice, impact and the challenges we face.



Published: 03/05/2016
Audience: Head teachers/senior leaders of primary and secondary + Nurture Group/Intervention staff
Contact: Lynda Hitchen

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