Improve education, development and inclusion of children with Down syndrome

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Courses running in May and June at the Pamela Sunter Centre based in Bingley aimed at improving the teaching of basic number, reading, literacy and language skills and sexual relationship educational provision in schools.

Teaching basic number skills to children with Down syndrome and other learning difficulties using the Numicon approach

Wednesday 4th May 2016, 9.30 to 3.30pm

The morning will cover how we learn to count and basic number skills up to 10. It will introduce the Numicon Foundation Kit and include practical activities and suggestions to promote numeracy. It is relevant for staff and parents working with  children aged birth upwards who are still working with numbers up to 10.

The afternoon will cover counting beyond 10, introducing two digit numbers, addition and subtraction, counting in 10s,

introducing place value and look at realistic targets for children with Down syndrome in this area.

COST: £95 per professional (£30 for a second member of staff from the same school)/£30 per family member.

Lunch provided.  Memory stick of resources available £5


Using visual resources to develop the literacy, language and communication skills of children with Down syndrome

Wednesday  11th May,  9.30 to 3.00pm

Children with Down syndrome are visual learners and research has demonstrated how the use of words in print can be used successfully to support speech and language development.

The day will cover:

· Why the written word is used as a visual tool to develop    language skills.

· Methods to develop clarity of speech, grammar, vocabulary, and lengthen sentence utterance will be discussed and      illustrated.

· Visual timetables, conversation diaries and ideas to develop reading, writing and spelling skills.

· A software demonstration of Clicker 6 and Clicker 7.

· Details of the Reading Language Intervention programme.

COST: Full day £95 per professional (£30 for a second member of staff from the same school)/£30 per family member. Lunch included in price.

Resources available on a memory stick for £5.


Reading language intervention programme (RLI)

18th  and 25th May 2016 – 2 day course, 9.30 to 12.30pm both days


The RLI programme, detailed in a teacher’s handbook and DVD developed and produced by Down Syndrome Education International, provides a systematic structured approach via daily activities that can be finely adapted to each child. The training days will cover the theory behind the programme, how to assess a child to find a starting point, how to monitor and record progress and how to deliver the daily intervention with examples from, and reference to, the teacher’s

handbook and DVD.

The RLI programme comprises of two strands of

intervention; a reading strand and a language strand.

The aim of the RLI programme is to:

· Improve spoken language and literacy skills of children with Down syndrome.

· Improve teaching practice and support educators – we have for a long time known reading is a strength for   children with Down syndrome but not all educators are aware of this or how to ensure the children reach their full reading potential.

Cost:  £120 per professional (£40 for second person from same school)/£30 per parent


Sexuality relationships education-(SRE) and Down syndrome

Thursdays 16th, 23rd, 30th June and 7th July 9.30 to 12.30pm

The course is suitable for parents and professionals working with children aged 6+ with a range of learning disabilities. It will cover:

· How important SRE is for young people with learning     disabilities.  

· Names for body parts. Privacy.

· Puberty for girls, puberty for boys,

· Feelings,

· Personal hygiene and self help skills.

· Masturbation, touching, hugging, affection,

· Friendships, relationships and dating.

· Safety in the community. Assertiveness. Abuse prevention strategies.

· SRE in schools.

£150 per professional (£50 for a second member of staff from the same school)/£50 per parent. This is for the 4 week course and includes a folder of handouts and a memory stick of resources for you to take and keep.






Published: 29/04/2016
Audience: staff working with children and young people who have Down syndrome and other learning disabilities
Contact: Wendy Uttley

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