FREE trial British Values workshops at Cartwright Hall Art Gallery

To be completed by: Mon 13 Jun 2016

Time: -Mon 13 Jun 2016 | Venue:

Cartwright Hall is trialling a new workshop designed to explore ‘fundamental British Values’. Historic artwork,source material & practical art activities will be used to explore issues and prompt debate and discussion. Workshops are available on 21 or 23 or 24 June 2016

Historic artwork and source material will be used to prompt debate and discussion around the importance of laws, democracy and assist children to acquire some knowledge and respect for public institutions and services in England particularly those with a link to Bradford.

Practical art based activity will explore issues around individual liberty and respect for others.

Workshops are available on 21 or 23 or 24 June either 10-12 or 12.30-2.30.

Workshops will be offered on a first come first served basis.

Please contact if you are interested in booking a place or for more information:

By accepting a trial workshop teachers/staff must be committed to providing feedback to help improve  and further develop the workshop.

The workshop will be fully available from Sep 2016.


Published: 26/04/2016
Audience: Headteachers, class teachers
Contact: Becky Smith / Sofia Maskin

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