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A boy they call WiLd! A brilliant, clever, cheeky new play for Key Stage 2 celebrating all things ‘wild’ with a fabulous sound track, live music and fresh moves.

WiLd! by Evan Placey tells the story of a spirited yet fragile young boy who lives on his own with and within his own untamed imagination. He is fascinated with all things to do with nature and in particular bees.  Whilst the audience is not told specifically, the crux of the show is about a boy with ADHD and as such is perfect for meeting the behavioural agenda.  We have been working with patient focus groups and CANDAL (Centre for ADHD and Neurodevelopmental Disorders Across the Lifespan) to ensure that the condition is represented correctly and sensitively.

A story of a boy
Running, jumping, no time for sleeping
A boy with big ideas
Shouting, sprinting, can’t be stopping
A boy who is lonely
Imagining, dreaming, better than schooling
A boy who loves the open air
Leaving, escaping, no space for listening

A boy they call WiLd!  A brilliant, clever, cheeky new play for Key Stage 2 celebrating all things ‘wild’ with a fabulous sound track, live music and fresh moves.  For naughty misunderstood boys and girls, their teachers and families up and down the land.

The children were taken to a magical place – fantastic Beechwood Primary School, Rapunzel
Themes: WiLd! tells the story of a spirited yet fragile boy who lives on his wit and within his untamed imagination being fascinated by nature and in particular bees.The show includes live music composed by Dominic Sales and is performed live (and with the use of live sampling) by Molly Lopresti – BBC Young Musician of the Year percussion finalist.  It’s therefore also fab for music and music tech students!Like our previous show Monday’s Child based on the theme of dementia (selected as one of the Top 10 shows to see in The Guardian, 2014), WiLd! will place children at the heart of the creative experience.  Following extensive research with CANDAL (Centre for ADHD and Neurodevelopmental Disorders Across the Lifespan), patient focus groups and pupils, WiLd! will address the ready to learn and behavioural agendas pertinent particularly to schools in Leeds as well as nationally.  It is a fantastic catalyst for the development of pupil’s storytelling and drama skills. Firing their imagination and enthusiasm to create characters, devise and script drama, write stories and perform.

Funded by the Wellcome Trust and following research with CANDAL and their patient focus groups, WiLd! will be a visually stunning, accessible and informed piece. This brilliantly inspiring story will depict the life of fantasy and imagination alongside the real everyday life of the boy.
Monday’s Child is an emotional experience, parts of it are unforgettable. It makes everyday circumstances and conversations alive and vital and so very personal.
The Stage, Monday's Child
The details: We require just 2.5 hours to set up in your school hall and 1 hour to clear away.  We require a performance space of 5m x 5m x 3m height which can be minimised to 5m x 2m at lunch time.  We recommend a maximum audience size of 80 in each show.

The cost: tutti frutti are able to perform one or two shows in the one day for a fee of £550 + vat.
For Artsmark schools or those signed up to the Artsmark network, we are delighted to be able to discount this fee to £499 + vat.
We are able to tour into your school from 2 May – 1 July 2016.

Resources: In addition to the 55 minute performance, our online resources (www.tutti-frutti.org.uk) give an opportunity for teachers to further explore the ideas in the production encouraging creativity, enhancing emotional literacy, communication skills, storytelling, recalling and analysing the material they have seen.  As Arts Awards Supporters, we are happy to support your offer to the Explore and Discover Award.

CPD Opportunities and Workshops:  CPD opportunties and workshops which explore the themes of the show are available to complement the performance and on-line resources. To register your interest, please contact alison@tutti-frutti.org.uk

Beautiful, uplifting and very, very tender. The Independent, Monday's Child (4 stars)

For further information and to discuss availability, please contact Alison Povey, Tour Manager, 0113 388 0027 or alison@tutti-frutti.org.uk


Published: 25/04/2016
Audience: KS2
Contact: Tony Johnson

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