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Local Authorities are required to carry out monitoring visits of schools before, during and after the KS2 test week. These visits form part of our statutory requirements to monitor the effective administration of national curriculum tests.

Please ensure you have read the Key Stage 2 Assessment and Reporting Arrangements (ARA) and other documentation relating to the administration of KS2 tests and that all members of staff involved in administering the tests have been trained appropriately. Please also ensure all paperwork including evidence for extra time is available for a visitor to read should your school be part of the sample of schools this year.

Copies of all documents can be found here.

Please refer to the good practice checklist below.

Test administration – good practice guide


Before the test

  • Has a member of SMT signed for the test papers and checked them against the delivery note, signing to confirm that all the relevant test papers have been received?
  • Is the delivery note in a safe place in case of a monitoring visit?
  • Are the test papers in a locked cupboard in a room which school staff has very limited access to?
  • Does only one person hold the key to this cupboard?
  • Are the test papers in a sealed box?
  • Is access to the room rigorously monitored?  (You may wish staff to sign in and out.)
  • Are the additional time applications in a safe place, together with evidence that this is normal practice for these pupils? (This may be notes on planning, support sheets etc.)
  • Have all staff who will be involved in administering the tests been thoroughly trained?
  • Have you produced a seating plan for the children? (this may be in alphabetical order for ease of collecting in papers)
  • Will there be 2 people in every test room at all times?
  • Have you planned how the test papers will be collected and taken back to the cupboard and locked up in the minimum amount of time?
  • Will there ALWAYS be 2 people with the test papers at all times when they are moving between the cupboard and the test rooms?

If you require further details about monitoring visits please contact Alison Philipson on apliteracy@gmail.com or 0773 808 3052.


Published: 20/04/2016
Audience: Primary Headteachers; assessment co-ordinators
Contact: Alison Philipson

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