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For the attention of Headteachers and Chairs of Governors – important information from the Strategic Director of Children’s Services on the Journey to Excellence programme and training on Signs of Safety.

Journey to Excellence is an exciting and ambitious programme that will transform our approach to family support and the provision of care for children and young people within the Bradford District. It is a programme which will enable the Local Authority and partners to support wider local priorities to improve health and education and achievement throughout the Bradford district.

A key part of the programme will be the introduction of Signs of Safety to the way we work in the future. Signs of Safety will provide a consistent way of working that all practitioners can use in their work with children and families. From Early Help through to how we manage child protection plans, Signs of Safety will bring about more consistency in our work.

The framework can be readily adapted to map or think through any issue, to focus on a different goal than safety such as parental support to learning, behaviour and attendance.

More information on Signs of Safety approach is available in briefing information here.

Signs of Safety training will start from the end of April throughout 2016. Information on dates and how to book is available here.

The first block of training between April and July will focus on the Early Help pathfinder areas (in the Better Start and Keighley areas) and child protection. Dates for August to December will be released soon.

We recommend that the person in your school who is best positioned to cascade learning attends the 2-day training. If it is not possible to release this person for 2 days then the 1-day course is recommended.

Please note that you will need to decide to attend either the 1 day or the 2 day course as we are not able to offer a place for each school on both.

The information attached provides more information on how to book places.

We will also run further 1.5 hour Information Sessions which members of Governing Bodies and/or School Leadership Teams may wish to attend.

Furhter details about the programme and key messages can be viewed here.


Published: 14/04/2016
Audience: Headteachers and Chairs of Governors
Contact: Mark Anslow

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