An introduction to using Minecraft across the KS2 curriculum - 21 April

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Steve Dale from the Curriculum Innovation team is delivering this full day course to enable Primary teachers to deliver Minecraft in an educational setting to teach pupils across a wide range cross curricular subject areas. The course is being held at the Innovation Centre Bradford, Little Germany

Intended outcomes for participants:
To understand how to use Minecraft and more specifically the education version called Minecraftedu. Participants will be taught the basics of Minecraft and the course is for anyone who is interested in using Minecraft to help others to learn. You could be a teacher looking at new ways to get pupils interested in history or looking to run lunch or after school clubs in coding and crafting,

Content of the course:
Introduction to Minecraftedu; how to move, mine, craft and build structures. How to survive your first night! How to using pre built education worlds. User management using the teachers dashboard. Using Minecraftedu to teach a wide varity of cross curricular subjects.

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Published: 12/04/2016
Audience: Primary school teachers
Contact: Sarah Hawkins

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