Next PFE topic is From Board Schools to Academies and Beyond

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From Board Schools to Academies and Beyond Is the topic for the next Public Forum for Education on 20 April 2016. Most of us will remember our first school. It is one of the few early experiences in which we can all share. But why was our school the way it was?

And would it better have met our needs had it been an academy, a free school, had a specialism or been part of a Trust?

Speakers will offer

  • An overview of government policy since the Learning and Skills Act of 2000 and how this has impacted on school organisation in Bradford
  • Case studies will share how community, free, sponsored and converter academies work in partnership towards the common goal of raising standards across the District
  • The role of the Local Authority in the changing educational landscape

The venue is Immanuel College, Leeds Road, Bradford BD10 9AQ. The meeting starts at 4.30pm (buffet from 4pm) and finishes at 6.30pm.

To book, email

Or call Heidi Hardy on 01274 434335


Published: 08/03/2016
Audience: Everyone
Contact: Heidi Hardy

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