National asbestos data collection survey

To be completed by: Thu 31 Mar 2016

Time: -Thu 31 Mar 2016 | Venue:

The DfE has decided to extend the deadline for completing the form to 31 March 2016, and again seek your co-operation in completing the form if you have not yet responded.


The national asbestos data collection closed on 29 February 2016, howeve but as outlined above this has been extended.

The survey consists of a small number of straightforward questions about asbestos management for all headteachers to answer.   Once headteachers have completed the survey they will receive immediate feedback and advice based on their responses.  The survey is an excellent opportunity for schools to evaluate their approach to asbestos management, and a good return from schools will help you to understand the current picture and will give an up to date indication of how your schools manage asbestos.  It will also help the DfE to develop future policy and support arrangements in this important area.

The deadline will not be extended beyond the end of March.  In April, the DfE will provide a full list of all responses from schools.

I hope you will be able to support this important exercise.  The effective management of asbestos is crucial as exposure to asbestos can have consequences to the health of children, employees and visitors to the school. 

Yours sincerely


Mike Green, Director of Capital

Education Funding Agency


Published: 04/03/2016
Audience: Head teachers, Business Managers, Facility Managers
Contact: Darren Starkey

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