The list of applications for Reception is available

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The list of applications is now available for you to download and rank in oversubscription criteria order.

The list can be accessed by logging into BSO, go to Data Tools/Reports and selecting 'Admissions'.  Select 'expressed preferences' and either use the dropdown boxes to sort by oversubscription order and export to excel, or sort it once exported.

The spreadsheet can be saved and pupils ‘ranked’ in order after siblings and religion has been verified.  (‘Religion’ on this spreadsheet means the parents indicated this is their reason for preference on the online application. This has not been verified by Admissions Team.  Schools need to use the SIF and/or letters from religious leader to verify this information.)

Late applications will be added to this list as they are received, these will be indicated by a 'Y' in the Late column.

Please email your completed list to by Friday 4 March.

Please speak to your Admissions Team contact if you have any difficulty downloading the list, or ‘ranking’ and returning it by 4 March.



Published: 22/02/2016
Audience: Headteachers, office managers, chairs of governors of voluntary-aided, foundation schools and academ
Contact: Claire Marshall-Swales

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