Selective Mutism - Introduction and Intervention

To be completed by: Mon 22 Feb 2016

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Quality First Training course. Details below.

Date:   29 February, 2016

Time:   9 - 12

Cost:    £90pp

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Some children find the social pressures of school too much and become silent, speaking to no one. These quiet children often become invisible and struggle to make academic or social progress in school.

This course will help you to explore the psychological basis of selective mutism, and develop a range of responses to help these children move on.

By the end of the course you will have:

• Increased your understanding of the symptoms and causes of selective mutism;
• Developed an assessment plan to enable you to clearly identify next steps for these children;
• Explored a number of intervention strategies and be aware of how and when to use them.


Published: 22/02/2016
Audience: Senco / support staff
Contact: Helen Chilton

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