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The 2015 Key Stage 1 and phonics final, Key Stage 2 validated and the Early Years Foundation Stage Profile (EYFSP) data are now available in RAISEonline. The summary reports will be updated from 9am on Tuesday 23 February 2016 and the inspection dashboards from 9am on Thursday 25 February 2016.

Key Stage 1 and phonics final, Key Stage 2 validated and Early Years Foundation Stage Profile (EYFSP) report now available in RAISEonline

The Key Stage 2 validated data reflect the outcome of requests for changes that schools may have submitted during the schools performance tables’ checking period, where these were received within the deadline and met the required criteria. The validated data also include changes made as a result of marking reviews, but may not reflect the outcome of any late or ongoing appeals, changes made after publication of the performance tables or of late-resolved maladministration cases.

The Key Stage 1 and phonics final datasets include data for schools that submitted their data late.


The EYFSP report provides a summary of school performance across all the early learning goals with a focus on some pupil groups. Please note the inspection dashboards have been updated with EYFSP earlier this month.

Guidance and support

Information about the methodology used for producing RAISEonline reports can be found in the library accessible from RAISEonline homepage. To view the whole spectrum of available documents, we recommend you log into the system prior to accessing the library.

FAQs are available on the front page after you log in. Further information is also available in the help box within each interactive report.

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Published: 22/02/2016
Audience: Primary head teachers and Senior Leaders
Contact: Kate Welsh

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