Parent/childcare providers "right to request" wrap around/holiday childcare

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The Government is proposing that parents should have the ‘right to request’ that their child’s school should consider establishing wraparound and/or holiday childcare. Childcare providers would have the "right to request" the use of school facilities for childcare when the school is not using

This departmental advice from the Department for Education has been produced to help maintained schools and academies (including free schools) understand how to respond to:

a. parents’ requests that the school that their child attends considers establishing wraparound and / or holiday childcare,

b. childcare providers’ requests to use school facilities for wraparound and / or holiday provision at times when the school is not using them.

This advice aims to avoid imposing unnecessary burdens on schools and maintains school autonomy, whilst ensuring schools understand the basis on which they should be responding constructively to requests for wraparound childcare.

These ‘rights to request’ refer to children from Reception up to the end of Key Stage 3 (Year 9). Where there is demand, schools and providers may also want to consider wraparound / holiday childcare for the under 5s – but this provision is not included in the scope of the ‘rights to request’ described in this advice. A parent’s ‘right to request’ refers only to the school that their child attends.

Wraparound and holiday childcare can either be on a school’s site (run directly by a school or in partnership with a provider), or at a nearby school or provider.

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Published: 19/02/2016
Audience: Governing bodies, headteachers and childcare providers
Contact: Kay Holden

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