Changes to Educational Psychology Team service delivery 2016-17

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A letter will be coming into school shortly outlinging changes to EPT delivery and instructions as to how to book additional time. Please be aware that the deadline for bookings is 1st March 2016 so please make every effort to return forms by then. Full details on BSOL.

Re: Changes to Educational Psychology Team service delivery 2016 - 17

We wrote to you some time ago to explain that we were planning to gradually implement changes linked to the Children and Families Act. The letter described how over time this would affect the way in which EPT time was allocated, so that support was directed to the most vulnerable children in the Local Authority area. The implication of this being that there would be a gradual reduction in the core time available to schools, but an increase in time allocated to individual students with EHCPs.

This process is now almost complete and from September 2016, you will see changes in the way time is allocated to you from the EPT. From September, your time will be split into two parts:

  1. Termly ‘Early Help’ consultation sessions to allow you to discuss and plan for any students at ‘School Support’. Your EP will work with your Senco over the forthcoming year to ensure they are able to make best use of these sessions. Any input beyond the three termly consultation sessions will need to be purchased.
  2. EHCP Support’ sessions allocated to individual children with EHCPs. The frequency of these visits is established at the time of writing the EHCP / conversion and usually equates to one session per student at the end of each key stage. The purpose of these sessions is to monitor progress and identify next steps for the student.

The number of sessions you can expect from the EPT for the next academic year is included with this letter. The EHCP support sessions have been estimated on the basis of previous allocations but in future years will be linked directly to individual students. For those settings with DABs, a small additional allocation has been made.

Any statutory assessment work carried out on behalf of the Local Authority will continue to be funded centrally.

Enclosed with this letter is an updated costing document and audit of need so that you can begin to consider whether you wish to purchase additional EP time for the next academic year. Your link EP can support you with this.

To enable us to service any requests for additional time and expressed preferences we would be grateful if you could complete the attached booking form and return it to us by 1st March 2016.


Published: 15/01/2016
Audience: Headteachers, Inclusion Managers, Sencos
Contact: Ruth Dennis

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