Early Years Pupil Premium - Eligibility Codes on the DfE Census

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The DfE Census this time requires you to state the reason EYPP has been allocated.

The majority of children are eligible through economic reasons, with just a handful being Looked After Children or both economic and Looked After Children.  If you look on your confirmation spreadsheet which was returned to you last term you will see each child either has a TRUE/FALSE (or a Y/N) or a LAC or possibly a Y & LAC this equates to the codes as follows:


EE  eligible through economic reasons = Y or TRUE

EO eligible through other reasons = LAC

EB eligible through both reasons = Y & LAC

EU eligible through unknown reasons = We do not have any of this category.


Published: 13/01/2016
Audience: Business Managers of Nursery Schools and Primary Schools with Nursery Classes
Contact: Adele Baines

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