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FFT Aspire has been updated with the following new data and features.

New data and features

  • 2015 Key Stage 4 attainment and progress results are available across all Self-evaluation dashboards.  This includes updated 2015 Attainment 8 reports in the Self-evaluation downloads section.
  • Key Stage 1 Target-setting reports will move from levels to 3 bands – W (Working towards the national standard), N (National Standard) and A (Above national standard).  Further information is included in the attached Target-setting guide for Primary schools.

Further new features

  • Delete Pupils – the ability to delete pupils from Target-setting reports.
  • Improved Chart facilities – in addition to the existing progress indicators, actual results can now be shown on bar charts.
  • Extended Key Stage 4 Self Evaluation Overview report – now includes English, Maths and up to five higher/lower performing subjects.

Other information

  • Removal of Opportunities Indicators – Student Explorer and Target Setting reports currently include Opportunities (Opps) and Alerts indicators for individual pupils.  These indicators show where pupils may require additional support (Alerts) and also where prior attainment may lead to an underestimate of future progress (Opps).  As the Opps are based on old NC levels, and following consultation with schools, FFT have decided to temporarily remove the Opps indicators for all pupils.  FFT will reinstate the Opps using a new methodology following analysis of 2016 results.

Governor Dashboards

  • Governor dashboards can be downloaded from Aspire.


Published: 24/11/2015
Audience: Head teachers; Senior Leadership Team; Data Managers
Contact: Jonny Trayer

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