EYPP Confirmation of Eligibility and Funding

To be completed by: Mon 16 Nov 2015

Time: -Mon 16 Nov 2015 | Venue:

Confirmation of your EYPP eligible children and funding is now available in the Dropbox.

Please check your return and if you have any missing on incorrect information, please try to obtain the correct information from the parents and return it via the Postox (under Utlities when clicking on your name on the BSO home page) by Monday 16 November in order for us to check eligibility.

If you have submitted your return (or an amended return) late then you will receive your confirmation in due course once it has been processed.

In a  recent meeting with our Revenue and Benefits Team, it was suggested that another avenue to explore to encourage parents to access EYPP would be to check your weekly Free School Meals Report which can be found under Maintenance Tools on BSO.  If a child is eligible for FSM then their younger sibling in Nursery would be eligible for EYPP.  Please check this week's report and add any new children onto the EYPP spreadsheet which has just been sent to you then upload it in the normal way so we can amend your payment.

For any school who currently has any Looked After Children these have also been included on the spreadsheets , but if your nursery has any LACs who have not appeared on the list or who have left care through the specified criteria, please also add these to the list and state if they are from out of the Bradford district or through what criteria they have left care and are eligible so these can also be added to your funding.

EYPP Payments are made along with your Early Years Termly Adjustments , so this term's payment will be made in December.

The usual EYPP contact Adele Baines will be away from the office after tomorrow for a period of time, but if you have any questions in the meantime please contact Jaclyn McManus on 01274 431965.


Published: 09/11/2015
Audience: School Business Managers of Nursery Schools and Primary Schools with Nurseries
Contact: Adele Baines

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