EYPP Autumn Claim deadline has passed - 23 schools still not submittted

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Please submit urgently in order to avoid missing out on this key funding. Below is a summary of how to claim the funding. An email has been sent to the Office of those schools who have not yet submitted a return. Please check this email address if you are unsure if your claim has been received.

Also, some schools are still returning either new spreadsheets or their Summer Term Claim without the results from ourselves (i.e. confirmation of whether the children were eligible or not).  Unfortunately, we cannot process any other versions than the one we returned to yourselves via the BSO Dropbox in June and again on 21/09 (as many people had not saved the June return).   This is to allow us to ascertain which children from last term have left / moved to Reception, which have stayed in your nursery and do not need to be rechecked and which are new and need checking. 

If you do not return the summer version there is a risk we will not know to continue to fund children who are still in nursery or we may continue to fund those who no longer are.  If you have already submitted an incorrect version, please resubmit the correct version. 

 If for some reason you have not received the email automatically generated by teh BSO system you can still access the file by:

  • Logging onto BSO using your usual username and password;
  • Clicking on your name in the top-right hand corner of the page;
  • Selecting utilities then File Dropbox;
  • On the left hand side there should be a list of folders;
  • Select the EYPP folder and you should then be able to see your school's file;
  • Download this and save it as the Summer Term claim;
  • Add to it and save it as your Autumn Term claim (see instructions below); 
  • Please do not try to upload it via the Dropbox, this needs to be via the Postbox (See instructions below).


As previously advised, the documents relating to Early Years Pupil Premium for schools in the maintained sector can be found on the Finance Section of BSO or by clicking here

The documents included in this section are:

  • Presentation made to the School Business Managers
  • EYPP Guidance
  • Parental Form
  • Eligibility Data Collection Spreadsheet
  • EYPP Poster

They can be found in the third paragraph under Early Years Pupil Premium below the email address in blue.


 In order to claim the EYPP you need to complete the following steps:
  • Display the EYPP poster to explain the funding to parents.
  • Give the parents of all new nursery-only children an Early Years Pupil Premium - Voluntary Registration Form (Parental Form on the link above) to complete to gather the information to check their eligibility.
  • Add new children / parent details onto last term's spreadsheet which was sent to your registered BSO User via the secure BSO Postbox in June and on 21/09/15 (this comes in the form of a link on an email generated automatically by BSO and the sender is imtreportingteam@bradford.gov.uk)
  • Enter a leaving date for any children who have left the school or moved into Rececption (4 year olds in Reception rather than nursery are entitled to the full school Pupil Premium if eligible not EYPP, however if the 4 year old is still in nursery then they remain entitled to EYPP).
  • Leave all the details of any children who are still in nursery - children's eligibility is only checked once a year, they are re-checked in their 4th term in nursery but there is no need for schools to re-check any details with parents as obviously their NI Number and Date of Birth will not have changed (unless you are aware of any surname change), we will check them automatically.

Uploaded, completed forms will then be securely downloaded by Early Childhood Services and sent to the national checker to establish the eligibility of each child entered.  Your registered BSO User will then receive an alert saying your checked submission with details of eligible children and the funding you will be receiving is avaible to view securely on BSO. 

In the interests of Data Protection please do not return these forms by any other method. This is the only process by which funding will be made for schools - please do not use the Free School Meals Checker or the 2 Year Old Checker for this purpose as this will not trigger a payment and the eligibility criteria for the free early education for 2 year olds is not the same as that of Early Years Pupil Premium. 

Each checker is only to be used for the specific purpose.  Last term a number of schools tried to return the completed parental forms to the Free Schools Meals team - these forms should be retained in schools and nothing should be sent to the Free Schools Team as they are not linked to funding for the EYPP.


Published: 20/10/2015
Contact: Adele Baines

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