Review of School Funding Team duties and allocation of schools

Following an assessment of the workload within the School Funding Team, there have been some changes to the allocation of lead responsibilities, including the allocation of schools to a specific School Finance Officer.

Finance staff in schools will probably be aware that Sarah North, our Formula Funding Officer, returned from maternity leave recently, but on a slightly shorter-hours contract, so Friday is usually a non-working day.  The funding duties formerly carried out by the Formula Funding Officer, Sarah North are now being split between Sarah (who is now designated a Principal Finance Officer) and Dawn Haigh. 

Helen Sullivan, who was brought in on secondment to provide cover for the team during Sarah’s absence, has had her contract extended to July 2016.

Since January, many schools have been dealing with Ali Mir, our CIPFA trainee, on such things as bank reconciliations, VAT submittals, receipt books and School Fund Audits. His placement with us will be completed in October and his duties will be undertaken by other members of the team.

An up-to-date list of School Funding Team and their contact details is available on the same page as your dedicated School Finance Officer school allocation list in the public area of BSO under Finance - SFT Guidance - ‘Who do I contact?’


Published: 01/10/2015
Audience: Finance staff
Contact: Shirley Broadbent

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