Cycle to Work Scheme - open for applications between 1 and 28 October 2015

Need a new bicycle? Don’t miss the chance to save on a new bicycle and cycling accessories with the Cycle to Work Scheme.



Bradford Council is opening another Cycle to Work scheme window this October with the opportunity for Bradford Council staff including those based in schools access to huge savings on brand new bicycles, and to spread the cost by paying monthly via your salary.

Please note this scheme is not available to academy and free school staff as they are not employed by the Council.

Between 1 – 28 October 2015 a link on the website run by our Scheme partners at Connected Benefits will be open where you can sign up to the scheme.  Simply follow the on-screen instructions to secure yourself a bike.

While the link is open you will be able to access a range of bikes and accessories on an online orders portal.  Alternatively there is also a range of local stores (that are listed on the website) that are participants in the scheme where you will also be able to get access to a bike.

But remember don’t leave it too late as applications must be processed by 28 October.  For help with applying, questions or further information contact Connected Benefits on 01252 784 540.

Top tips when placing your order:

  • don’t leave it till the end of the month as this may delay or invalidate your application;
  • give your home address on the application, not your work address;
  • once you have applied (not the same as getting a quote) please do not apply a second time as this causes delays.  If you are concerned there might be a problem or confused about the order please contact Connected Benefits.

If you purchased a bike through the scheme previously you may have to wait 12 months before you can apply again.  

Frequently asked questions:

Q. Why should I join the scheme?

A. Not only will you be taking advantage of a Tax Efficient bicycle, making savings on Income Tax and National Insurance contributions, you will also benefit from spreading the cost over twelve months (or time remaining on your contract if fixed term) direct from your salary with no interest charges! The bicycle must be used mainly for work journeys, but there is no need to keep records of these journeys.

The bicycle can also be used recreationally by you and any member of your family.

Q. Which bicycles are on offer through the scheme?

A. Any make and model is available through participating local bike shops . In addition there is a wide range of bikes through the online brochure.

Q. When will I receive my bicycle?

A. You will usually receive your bicycle within 4 weeks of placing an order, after your order has been authorised by your employer.


Published: 28/09/2015
Audience: All school staff
Contact: Environment Unit

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