Junior Safemark for Year 6 is back!

Junior Safemark travel workshops for Year 6 pupils are available to all schools in Bradford FREE of charge. Book your place now!

Junior Safemark travel workshops for Year 6 pupils are available to all schools in Bradford FREE of charge. Book your place now!

The transition to secondary school is an important time for Year 6 pupils as many of them will start to use public transport independently as they travel to their new school or get together with friends in their spare time. Metro is supporting this transition by offering a free transition workshop with free transport provided.

Junior Safemark has been very popular and we’re delighted to be able to offer it again this year. All Bradford Junior Schools will receive an invite letter and booking form in the post. To book your place in the workshop, all you need to do is return the booking form to us by the required date. If you do not receive a booking form and would like one, please contact Heather on 0113 348 1809/ heather.briggs@westyorks-ca.gov.uk or Sam on 0113 348 1775/ sam.lister@westyorks-ca.gov.uk.


The workshop

The workshop lasts around one and a half hours and can either be booked in a morning or afternoon session. During the session, pupils will discuss public transport scenarios, watch a DVD, answer questions in a workbook and take part in a bus safety role play. All of these have the opportunity to win prizes.


Summary of Junior Safemark workshop:

  • Planning a journey in advance- The important of preparing journeys including a discussion of potential scenarios when travelling independently
  • Online journey planning- Using Metro’s website to plan a recreational trip or school journey
  • Finding school bus information  and timetables on www.generationm.co.uk – Metro’s Young Person’s website
  • Interpreting timetables- Finding bus times on a bus stop timetable
  • Metro’s services- More ways to plan a journey stressing the importance of being able to find your way home safely
  • Bus safety- Role play session addressing bus safety and behaviour

Extra resources are available for teachers.


Metroville, Culture Fusion Bradford

The workshop is held at Bradford’s start-of-the-art youth facility Culture Fusion. Metroville is a new classroom that provides the ideal learning setting for Metro’s Junior Safemark workshop which helps pupils to develop valuable life skills in independent travel. Metroville’s custom-made all-around blinds create a complete environment with its own streets, buildings, shops, vehicles and bus stops.

More information about Safemark can be found on Metro’s Young Person’s website www.generationm.co.uk



Published: 24/09/2015
Audience: Year 6 Teachers, Head Teacher, Schools
Contact: Heather Briggs

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