(e)Safeguarding in the Primary School

Attendees will be able to carry out a whole school (e)Safeguarding audit leading to the development of an (e)Safeguarding provision action plan enabling them to achieve the nationally recognised SWGfL E-Safety Mark - recognised by Ofsted as a feature of an outstanding school.

 3 full days (01 October 2015, 4 February and 28 April 2016)

Content of the course:

Day 1

  • Policy and leadership
  • Understand the issues relating to (e)Safeguarding in the primary school and identify roles and responsibilities within the staff at your school.
  • Use the SWGfL 360 degree safe audit tool to audit your school’s (e)Safeguarding policies and procedures. Explore and discuss examples of (e)Safeguarding policies and Acceptable Use Policies and identify the areas of an exemplar whole school policy.
  • Create an action plan to achieve appropriate policies to the e-Safety Mark standard.

Day 2

  • Infrastructure and data security
  • Review your present provision with regard to passwords, secure login to networks, connectivity and filtering and Wi-Fi.
  • Review the key aspects of data security as outlined by the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) report on the data protection guidance for schools. Discussion of copyright in schools and best practice.
  • Update your action plan to achieve appropriate related policy and procedures to the e-Safety Mark standard.

Day 3

  • Curriculum and CPD
  • Investigate and explore a range of curriculum resources to enable the design and delivery of an appropriate (e)Safeguarding curriculum meeting the needs of the new computing curriculum.
  • Discuss and identify suitable resources and provision to ensure all school staff, parents and governors are aware of (e)Safeguarding issues relevant to the pupils, the school and themselves including the safe use of social media and digital professionalism.
  • Update your action plan to achieve appropriately related policies and procedures to the e-Safety Mark standard.

The course will be delivered by Paul Scott at The Innovation Centre Bradford over 3 days at a charge of £540 for non-subscribers and £510 for subscriber schools.

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Published: 23/09/2015
Audience: Primary School SLT, ICT subject leaders
Contact: Sarah Hawkins

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